Nearly there…

With under two weeks to go until the Festive fair at the Birmingham NEC, we are nearly there. I am still making things but nothing that needs drilling as Mr Wellydog has probably still got a weeks worth of drilling to do. So it’s been coasters and gin stirrers.

I’ve also at the last minute finally figured out how to do Santa candle holders to go with the snowman and tree ones. Talk about leaving everything to the last minute. They have been popular so I’ve been making some more as I only made a few to trial them in the shop, but they are so cute, we think they will do well at the fair.

It’s been mostly. Christmas things we have been making specifically for the fair. We still have quite a lot of stock left in the shop this year of other things for gifts, so it seemed silly to make more. We had thought it would be busier in the shop during the summer than it was, so I guess in a way, thats good as it’s meant we have more to take to the fair.

I wanted a statement piece as well for the stall, so I made another large Santa.
I was quite pleased with him, I like his curly beard . I tried to put shadows behind to bring out the curls. He’s made purely of Frit. Frit is glass ground down into, course,medium, fine or powder grades. . I use fine frit. I know a lot of people do pictures in powdered frit. But it’s not something I’ve ever got on with. He’s quite large so he should stand out from a distance.

I’ve gone for a bit of a red theme, I thought that might stand out but in retrospect I think as it’s a Christmas fair, there will be a lot of red there generally. I decided to try stencilling a sign on red sack cloth. Originally I had thought of getting coffee bags, but then I saw the red and went that route instead.

We’ve managed to cobble together a old clothes rail to go above the table to hang things from, not just light catchers, but lights to. We were to mean to pay the £90 + for official lights, so ours will all be battery operated.

We have a massive list of things we need to take, including tools to build the stall when we are there. It has to be nice and secure as it needs to be up for 4 days.

We have a giveaway for some tickets to the festive fair running on Facebook and Instagram if you fancy your luck.

It would be lovely to see you all at the festive fair but we know for a lot of people it’s not possible. So if you could wish us luck I would be very grateful.
Janice and Steve x

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