Our story

I am very fortunate to live in Cornwall, but the roots of Wellydog started in a craft centre in North Somerset. It was small beginnings, but my little studio on the end of a 16th century barn, inspired me to go further and grow as an artist. When Mr Wellydog joined me in the business, in 2014, we moved to Cornwall. We expanded and moved twice before finding our dream shop location in Polperro in 2018.
I work in a lovely studio by our home in South East Cornwall.
I am unable to contain my creativity into one discipline, so although the mainstay of what I do is fused glass, I will stray now and again into other arts and crafts. So that is why the shop has an eclectic mix of goodies.

Why Wellydog?

I am old enough to have seen the introduction of home computers and the first personal emails. For those of you who remember, then picking an email address was difficult, as most names had already been taken. The suggestion at the time was to put your name with a number after it….janiceashworth1287 just didn’t appeal as I find numbers difficult to remember.  I tried loads of different versions of my name and was getting quite cross that I couldn’t find anything suitable,  Mr Wellydog got fed up of me keep asking what to do and he yelled out, “Just put the blooming dog’s name in”, so I did. Our dog at the time was called Wellington Boots, Welly for short , so Wellydog was born. Years later when I established my business and moved into a local craft centre, the idea of thinking of a name and getting a new email address seemed too stressful, so I just continued as Wellydog, and the rest as they say is history.

Mr & Mrs Wellydog

That’s me, Janice, on the left. I do most of the making and all the creative stuff. Steve is the handyman,woodworker, box maker, glass drilling expert and all things business, as well as keeping me out of mischief!

Wellydog Apprentice

This is our daughter Gemma. I don’t know why shes still an apprentice, as she is very good with customers, and helps at all the craft shows and fairs. She also helps out in the shop once in a while when we need a bit of a break. We would promote her, but then we might have to pay her!

Silent Partner

Fin is our collie. He motivates us to get out, and generally keeps an eye on us. He likes to help us look for seaglass and is very good at digging holes and finding balls.

Our Glass Studio

My studio may be small but its perfectly formed.