Wow 5 years

I can’t believe that we’ve just passed the 5 year anniversary of us moving into our current house. We moved to this part of Cornwall, especially to run the Polperro shop. We don’t live in Polperro, we did look, but there was nothing at the time that suited our needs.
It was a bit of a nightmare move with so many delays. So much so, that we moved into the shop in March and couldn’t move into the house until May. So we commuted from Newlyn . It doesn’t seem that long that we did it now , but at the time it was exhausting. They do say house moves are up there with the most stressful of life’s events. We were so relieved to be in our new home. I turned out to be the best move ever. The village we live in is our own little piece of paradise.

When we came to the shop in Polperro we were very apprehensive. It was a giant leap of faith for us and a risk that perhaps we shouldn’t have taken as we were both heading towards our 60’s. Our first day in the shop was a wet and windy one. My sister came up to help out and we didn’t take a penny all day. In retrospect I’m not surprised. We had very little stock and it was such a rotten day. But I was worried it was an omen for the future. It wasn’t long before the visitors arrived, once the bad weather had past. Fortunately it was the start of a busy season.



We’ve started getting busier and so we’ve intensified the making. Mr Wellydog has been busy making pens and his new addition has been resin/acrylic pens. Which I am obsessed with and so I have pinched my own blue one.
We’ve had a massive run on jewellery the last couple of weeks so I’ve been busy making both seaglass and fused glass necklaces and earrings. I was going to try and list individual ones on the website but it’s gone so mad here we’ve been unable to. It always seems such a challenge to list one off pieces on the internet, because when they sell in the shop, we have to take them off immediately . I wish there was an easy answer.

The fused glass is a constant making frenzy, but I’ve had time to do a couple of bigger pieces recently, I love using the scraps of glass left over from the usual projects to make something new and maybe a bit more abstract.
The latest one, I’m not quite sure how it’s going to turn out. It’s in the kiln at the moment so fingerprint crossed I don’t have to much to do to it to make it shop ready.

The little squares of glass will ball up once heated and be used on the Christmas trees and as decoration on other pieces

As for the pottery! well I’ve been so excited. I had my very own potters wheel arrive . It’s only small and a portable one. I really don’t have space, so I’m trying to find the perfect spot for it. But I’m finding a way to get some practice in. I am pleased with how it’s coming on, obviously a long way to go and glazing has me a bit stumped at the moment. I’m mostly using underglazes, which are like the equivalent of painting with acrylics. This butter dish is my best achievement yet. I’m very chuffed, we will see if it survives the kiln .

So that’s my update , it’s a bit later than I intended, but it’s been good to be busy. Enjoy this lovely weather and hope we see you in the shop very soon

Janice x

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