WELLYDOG in 2023

We are back in the shop and starting our 6th season in Polperro. I can’t believe we have been here 5 years, well not quite, but it will be in March. As always we are open again for the February half term. This week we are open all week and I must say it’s been a bit of a shock to the system, after 6 weeks off. We’ve had a nice break. We haven’t done loads, but as always I can’t sit still and I’ve been playing with Clay. For those of you who follow on Facebook or Instagram. You will have seen I’ve been making pots using moulds that I was generously given and I’ve learnt a lot about slip casting. But I’ve also got quite obsessed with hand building with clay. We bought a second hand pottery kiln. Would you believe we travelled half way across the country to get just what I wanted, We needed to change the element and had a little bit of re-wiring done in the garage studio. This is all because I went on a throwing course. I’ve been trying to get on a pottery course now for 3 years, but with the hours we work, I have to do it out of season, and they always fill up before I can book them. But I managed to get on a two day throwing course, and you guessed it I became obsessed. Unfortunately I am unable to fit a wheel into my studio space, so I have to either slip cast or hand build. A few items have slipped into the shop. I’m especially proud of my harbour cottage plate. I think this design may dominate for a while.

I have been ordering in glass ready to make stock, but we made quite a lot for Christmas markets last year, so unlike previous years I continued to make, fused glass right up until the end of December, so we are actually quite well stocked. I need to top up the gin stirrers soon, as they have been popular so far this week, but I am able to take my time for a while, until the real season hits in.

Also there have been plans a foot in the village for a Draw festival. I have agree to do a demonstration of fused glass on the 6th July , I’m not sure what form that will take yet, but I’m have a bit of time to think how I’m going to do that. I also will be painting ‘en Plein air’ , which is French for outdoors , on the 7th July. I need to be in the shop as well, so I will set my easel up outside the shop and see what takes my fancy to draw or paint.

Take a look at the programme on the left, there is lots going on, so a good week to visit if you are interested in art.

We are looking forward to another year in this beautiful village of Polperro. So hopefully we will see you here sometime soon.

Janice x

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